New Hotel Tirana International

Object New Hotel Tirana International
Investor Geci Shpk
Role of Ales Construction Main contractor of works for the reinforced concrete structure
Location Skanderbeg Square Tirana
Construction area 36000 m2
Construction Start January 2021
Construction End -

The 33-story tower, situated in the heart of Tirana, serves as an extension of the existing Tirana International Hotel, now upgraded to a luxurious five-star hotel offering a range of upscale amenities such as a SPA, Sky bar, and more.


Characterized by simple geometric shapes, particularly two cuboids with distinct colors and materials, the tower features a striking contrast between gold and black. This design choice brings vibrancy and completeness to the hotel’s overall aesthetic.


The orientation of the bedrooms towards ‘Skënderbej’ square, facing south, ensures a constant influx of sunlight throughout the year. This thoughtful organization provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the maximum comfort, prime location, and a captivating view of the city.


TIH New, represented in the form of bars, stands out as a quintessential five-star hotel, a new focal point for tourists, and a reference point for the city of Tirana.