DownTown One Albania

Object DownTown One Albania
Investor Kastrati Group
Role of Ales Construction Main contractor of works for the reinforced concrete structure
Location Elbasani Street & “Bajram Curri” Boulevard Tirana
Construction area 78183m2
Construction Start February 2019
Construction End May 2021

DownTown One stands out as a unique project in the Balkans and Albania, distinguished by its height and distinctive facade design, featuring volumetric breaks that create the map of Albania.

This multifunctional building, located in the heart of Tirana, spans 40 floors above ground and includes 5 floors of underground parking. DownTown One offers an exceptional blend of luxury residential apartments, contemporary offices, and commercial spaces hosting some of the most popular brands.

Bringing innovation to functionality, architecture, construction parameters, and environmental protection practices, DownTown One serves as an inspiring example for the construction industry in Albania.

Ales Construction played a crucial role as the main contractor for the reinforced concrete structure works in this project, contributing to the construction of an attractive facility.