Tirana’s Rock

Object Tirana’s Rock
Investor ANA Shpk
Role of Ales Construction Main contractor of works for the reinforced concrete structure
Location "Dibra" street, Tirane
Construction area 36000 m2
Construction Start July 2021
Construction End July 2023

Tirana’s Rock tower boasts a distinctive style, standing at a height of 85 meters and sculpted in the shape of the bust of the national hero of Albania, Gjergj Kastrioti.


The tower’s unique appearance is achieved through a series of balconies that gracefully envelop the entire building. Intricate facial details such as the nose, ears, and chin are mimicked through curved projections, creating a subtle and artistic geometry. These balconies not only contribute to the aesthetics but also facilitate a rational layout of the interior spaces, providing shade and comfort to the exterior areas.


Ales Construction played a central role as the main contractor for the reinforced concrete structure, contributing to the realization of this extraordinary project.