Construction Subject Ales Construction
Investor Ales Construction
Location "Teodor Keko" street
Began Construction 2011 - Finished

Ales Construction presented its newest project, Ales 2, in 2010. This investment marked a significant step in the development of Tirana and serves as another testament to the company’s construction expertise. The 9-storey residence, situated along Teodor Keko street, stands as one of the key landmarks in the area, enhancing the urban landscape of the capital.

This residential and commercial building boasts a total area of approximately 30,600 m2, comprising 9 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground. Commercial spaces are strategically positioned on the ground floor, first floor, and floor -1, along the main axes of movement in the area, providing immediate access to the business premises. The project successfully achieves an ideal combination of residential and business spaces.

The success of Ales 2 is evident not only in its prime location but also in the evident build quality. This project showcases Ales Construction’s dedication to creating suitable and sustainable environments for the local community and market.