Univers City

Investor Ales Construction
Construction Subject Ales Construction
Construction Start March 2022
Construction End -

Univers City represents a residential complex on the Tirana-Durres highway. This project, in addition to the residential area, also consists of accommodation and recreational spaces. In this complex, you will find everything starting from the school located in the heart of the complex, sports fields near the school in the function of it, and the committee, playground for children in safe areas.
This project will find a traffic scheme underground of buildings, emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigades, etc. There is a path dedicated to bicycles and walks inside the complex.
The ground floor is built with living areas where the apartments have verandas designed to be as private as possible.
The project tries to show in architecture the nature of a residential building, human, with clearly different volumes and color contrast. The buildings’ architecture is recognized by the fragmentation of the volumetric masses and the visual play of the architectural elements protruding from the façade with the emphasis on horizontal lines.
Univers City is the ideal choice for your apartment.