Univers City

Investor Ales Construction
Construction Subject Ales Construction
Construction Start March 2022
Construction End -

Universe City, a collaboration with Balfin Group, introduces a distinctive residential and service complex along the Tirana-Durres highway. This project encompasses a unique concept, not only featuring residential spaces but also providing accommodation and recreational spaces. At the core of the complex stands a school, where Ales Construction served as the contractor for the reinforced concrete structure. Additionally, the environment incorporates sports fields and children’s playgrounds.

The complex is designed with thoughtful vehicular circulation schemes, including underground parking, dedicated bicycle lanes, and a focus on pedestrian safety. Ales Construction takes on the role of the main investor in three buildings, each comprising 9 residential floors and 2 underground parking floors. The first floor is dedicated to living quarters, offering veranda apartments designed for maximum privacy.

Utilizing a contrast of colors, the project’s architecture aims to convey the essence of a residential and humane structure with distinctive volumes. The buildings showcase fragmented volume measures and a visual interplay of architectural elements protruding on the facade, emphasizing horizontal lines.