With the accent on shuttering, concrete casting and reinforcement works, as the prime specialty since the founding of our company, we have been contracted by many investors in Albania, our works including some of the most advanced structures lately built in Albania



Since 2010 Ales Construction Ltd has successfully tested itself in the position of the investor and main contractor, with four completed mixed use buildings, three of them west of Tirana and one in Kukes


Ales Construction offers design and consultancy services for architecture, interior design, construction and more


Ales Construction Ltd began its activity in 1999 as a construction company and today we operate with a qualified and experienced staff, made of architects, civil engineers, economists, technicians, marketing managers, as well as more than 150 qualified construction workers and specialists, and still expanding.

After many years of experience, we find ourselves amongst the most active construction companies in Albania in investment, construction, and design, always delivering at optimal quality, correctness and accomplishment of schedules in all of our enterprises.

Since 2016, Ales Construction has expanded its activity outside of the Albanian borders, working in the structure works of Porto Budva, the largest current residential and retail development in the seaside of the

touristic city of Montenegro, as well as the newly

established company in Doha, Qatar.


Adress: “Teodor Keko” street, Unaza e Re, Ales Complex, first floor - Tirana, Albania.


“Teodor Keko” street, Unaza e Re,

Ales Complex, first floor - Tirana, Albania.

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